MB Carsoft User – Car Diagnostic Tool MB Carsoft instruction – OBD China BMW Carsoft Software Installation manual – Hi, guys i dont know is this the right place to post this topic but here it goes, i have managed to get carsoft and i want to see how it works but. peugeot user manual at – Download free pdf files Ebay cpt.

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When I switched to the Dell D laptop as mentioned above I had far better success. Hope you can understand. I included a picture of the port. Will appreciate any suggestions, Cheers. Forgot to say – engine slipped back in nice and easy tonight, have tightened the mount bolts up but every job underneath takes me 10 times as long so that’s as far as Carsofy got.

If you search Ebay or Amazon for Carsoft 7. This site uses cookies. I will let you know manuzl make any progress. It might be worth borrowing a computer that has a RS port, or trying a desktop that has one. View all news for Monday 22 February, on one page.

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Boater is indeed across the pond. The company we lease office space from has some Mercedes trucks but I don’t think they are supported. Option 1 a unit that carsfot claim to be a multiplexer which you can tell because the connector that connects to the box from the OBD port on the car is smaller than the multiplexer connection without a software cd, Option 2 the carsofh as option 1, but includes a software cd.

I recognize that Carsoft and especially this hacked manal is not looked kindly upon in the forum. It said British, it actually another Shanghaish based in London.

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I have been negotiating with them for days at the alibaba. Im waiting for a call mankal from belgium! I think the software is available on the internet for download Benzworld. If this fails then there is a problem with the hardware because you get a different error if the computer cannot talk to the hardware via the RS!

I got a new RS cable If that works then at least you may have an option to help get it working. New products Specials All products Carxoft.

car soft problems | Mercedes-Benz Owners’ Forums

Add Thread to del. That leads me to think that I may have a bad ETC. Carsofh for that, it is useful to know you were actually able to talk to someone, even if they were totally useless.

Thanks for any further input. I am unable to find any Carsoft 7. I’ve been through more tech support from the software manufacturer but no joy. The seller has been easy to work with Ah, you apparently know nothing of UK white van drivers – I enjoy life too much to risk trying to flag one down: How much can we get MB star or Carsoft 7. I think this software is very limited and just can access a couple of modules and is not performing as they advertised. They are a horrible company.

No, it is impossible to use other adapter or cable to transform.

I tried to read individual modules digitally and with the analogue option. Once the company appear to be healthy again I will be looking to buy the latest software, I always had in mind to do that at some future point anyway. I am also quite suspiscious that all rumours seem to come from 2 people no matter how many websites you find them on, and could thus be totally unfounded and part of a maliscious campaign. Yes, my password is: Find More Posts by Drag.