13 May How to draw mould design in catia v5. siva. 13 May, AM. If any video. Answer. Comments 0. 1 Answer. Vipin kumar. Answered on. Mold Tooling Design Student Notes: CATIA V5 Training Foils Mold Tooling Design Select the item dedicated to Mold Tooling Design in Mechanical Design. Overview What’s New? Getting Started. Entering the Mold Design Workbench Retrieving Part Defining the Mold Base Splitting the Core and the Cavity Inserting .

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The coolant channel definition dialog box and a cylindrical hole are displayed in the viewer.

Tutorial – Catia – Mold

Do this by choosing On Plane and clicking on yz1 in the specification tree under Open body. They can also search those configurations and retrieve the appropriate ones thanks to a set of main parameters like Nomenclature, Mold Length and Width, Overhang value, etc.

The user component can be of an already defined type e. It is possible to dynamically move constrained parts either by respecting the assembly constraints or freely in such a way that the constraints are no longer respected.

Tutorial – Catia – Mold – Catia V5 R15

Support Catalog access for standard parts or assemblies: This sketch will be the guide Layout along which a profile Section is swept to create the runner. They are defined in dedicated Part Core Cooling and Cavity Cooling enabling Collision check analysis with the other component of the Mold. This projects the gate into the xy plane, i.

Side V55 Type, stamped in the Core,with a length of 1. Select CoreSide in the PartingBody in the specifications tree. The design table of a plate is used to define v55 dimensions of the plate.

Eyebolt was added as a miscellaneous component. BOM can be based on User-defined attributes. Users can include, in the plate definition, some points that will be used later for the positioning of standard components as Leader Desivn, Bushing, Sleeve, StopPin, Screw catiaa Locating Ring.

The user has the ability to remove association between a given parameter e. We advise that the split surface for the CavityPlate should be named CavitySurface, and that for the. Tutorial – Catia – Mold Marco row Enviado por: Thousands of configurations are available, in the standard catalogs, identified by some main parameters Nomenclature, L, D,?

Note that the mold feature is created in the position and orientation of the catis part and is indicated in the specification tree. Catalog components managed with their associated Hole: Parte 1 dewign 2 Mold Tooling Design. The main parameters of the plate can be managed by mold designer, with an easy user interface and pre-visualization capabilities.

Preview and direct mouse-based manipulations and specification during feature creation, modification and drag and drop.

This task shows you how to position mold components onto a selected mold base.

To perform the scenarios, sample documents are provided all along this documentation. Dynamic users interface including fast mouse-based 3D graphical manipulations and a copilot concept allowing the contextual pre-selection by means of highlight of allowed graphical entities. Split of Mold component with contextual menu: Click on OK to validate your mkld then repeat this step mood the Core.

Click on ‘Product1’ in the specification tree to make it active. The designer can read from catalogs standard components managed with their associated Hole.

The cooling channel features are used to define the cooling system of the Mold. Standard Mold Base read from catalog: This task shows you how to create a runner on the molded part.

Scroll down to line 37 and double click on the reference N in the table push the Table button to display the table. An exact pre-visualization of the component is available during its positioning. To create the holes associated to each leader pin, position the From and the To elements respectively to ClampingPlate and CavityPlate.

Proceed the same way with the core plate by selecting it from the Ejection Side in the specification tree and applying a split action via the contextual menu. User components can be created and stored within user catalogs.

The outline of the mold base is displayed with a different color for each plate. This ensures that if the original part to mold is modified drsign the modifications will be applied to the MoldedPart. This exercise should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

The system will detect automatically the right surface and the right orientation to be used for this operation. Leader, Pin or Ejector Pin or no particular type, as deslgn free form component. This website uses cattia to improve user experience. A non standard Mold Base can also be created from a standard one. Use yz2 as the support plane. This manual also covers the needs of the P1 Tooling Design application. The gate definition dialog box is displayed.