Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Charu Nivedita grew up in rural Tamil Nadu and spent twelve years working in Delhi before moving to Chennai. He has. Zero Degree (Tamil Edition) [Charu Nivedita] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. South Asia Studies. Translated from the Tamil by. Zero Degree [Charu Nivedita] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. South Asia Studies. Translated from the Tamil by Pritham K.

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On Charu Nivedita’s ‘Zero Degree’ (Trans. by Pritham K. Chakravarthy & Rakesh Khanna)

You need to learn to respect that. One of the most unique and disturbing books you’ll ever read. Until then, keep dreaming, keep translating and keep charu nivedita zero degree on your back for chasing me out.

Hi… a word from me.

Charu nivedita zero degree encouraging incest, all perversions that exist in society will disappear into thin air? Lot of character confusions. However, how many times has Charu threatened and spewed venom on people like Manush, Jayamohan, S.

He continues to do so. Anyway, good luck and good bye! What’s most disturbing about the most disturbing chapters of zero degrees is that they could easily be true. And, lemme repeat again. Intellectual urban Tamil to the slum dwellers brash use of language. It requires lot of patience. It has the most beautiful poetry and the most gruesome torturesit shows the most lovely forms of affection and most shocking expressions of lust.

Crap, like most things, is subjective. Nithayanada and other religious charu nivedita zero degree he was promoting in his website. There is no elitist use of language here. Since his writings are transgressive in nature, he is branded as a pornographic writer and disliked by many. So here a Author feels let my try explaining how exactly these things happen and see atleast then if my people respond and charu nivedita zero degree respond calling the Author ;a Pervert;overrated writer;you want him to fade and keep brutally rape and murder leaving no signs.

You guys keep referring to California State University. Do you know the meaning of slander or defamation? In a narration that switches between different languages yeah there’s a lot of English,Hindi,etcdifferent forms of prose and poetry, different continents, different personalities and whatnotnever once are you bored. Thank you for the kind words, Pallavi.

Charu Nivedita – Wikipedia

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Again, Nivedita seems to blur that line between fiction and reality, and almost seems to suggest that the same exists in India, with its historical and mythological symbols trespassing on every aspect of daily life through temples, rituals, superstition and orthodoxy that have created charu nivedita zero degree heritage of oppression and abuse. He is on a commenting spree as he has observed that we do respond to him.

What is this aspect, one may ask. These negative feelings spoil our hear and and our mind. Its an experimental novel charu nivedita zero degree the effort is in creating a deliberate stir with the readers and in that he succeeded.

This classification is disputable. Takes you to your breaking point.

Each culture has its own sensibilities and these words are charu nivedita zero degree hurting and slanderous for many. I am sure he was talking about Valdimir Nabakov and his Lolitas.

But “Zero degree” stands just below his “Exile”.

It’s like a monument in a person’s life. See 1 question about Zero Degree….