World Trade Center Attacks: September 11th 2001

On 11 September 2001, the World Trade Centre was hit by two hijacked planes. Similar scenarios were also played out at the Pentagon and in upstate Pennsylvania. As one of the biggest news incidents of the television era played out, news channels and bulletins covered events as they unfolded.

This page is meant purely as a small resource of tv presentation from the United Kingdom of the 24 hours subsequent to the attacks.

11 September 2001

BBC News 24
Broadcast also on BBC One during the afternoon and early evening.

BBC Newsnight

ITV News

Channel 4 News

5 News

Sky News

12 September 2001

BBC News 24
Broadcast also on BBC One from approximately 23.40 and through the night.

Schedule Changes

BBC News Bulletins

ITV News Bulletins

Granada Tonight

US News Coverage

UK news broadcasters were at the time ‘paired’ with US equivalents and often cut into their coverage with live simulcasts of the American news channels. BBC News was aligned to ABC, with ITV News aligned to NBC and also CNN.