Scottish Referendum: 18th September 2014

A referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country took place on Thursday, 18 September 2014.

Counting began after polls closed at 22:00 BST on 18 September. Running totals from the 32 local government areas were expected during the night, with more than half the votes likely to have been counted by 03:30. By the morning of 19 September 2014, accounting for votes from all but one of the 32 areas, about 55% voted in favour of Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom.

Both BBC Scotland and STV began to introduce related presentation from mid-May. On 9 June 2014 – 100 days before the vote – other broadcasters started to roll out their presentation for the referendum.

Scottish Referendum 2014: BBC

BBC Scotland unveiled its referendum logo in January 2014, to coincide with the first Television audience debates and provide umbrella brand for its referendum documentaries. The first documentary "Our Friends in the North" was first broadcast on 25 November...

Scottish Referendum 2014: Sky News Presentation

On the 9 June 2014, Sky News unveiled its presentation for the referendum. More presentation will be available soon. 100 Days before. BBC Live debate Sky news...

Scottish Referendum 2014: STV

STV unveiled its referendum logo in May 2014,

Scottish Referendum 2014: S4C Presentation

S4C Coverage of the Scottish referendum. Refferendwm yr Alban Trail Results Programme Opening Titles Studio Graphics ...

Scottish Referendum 2014: International Presentation

A collection of presentation used across the world by media outlets, outside America reporting on the Scottish referendum. Australia Channel 9: Studio and graphics Canada CBC ...

Scottish Referendum 2014: ITV

A collection of presentation used by ITV while covering the Scottish referendum. With thanks to TV Archive for his contributions to this page. Presenters and straps Live from Edinburgh. ITV news did not add any logos...

Scottish Referendum 2014: Al Jazeera

A selection of presentation used by Al Jazeera (English) Sting Studio and graphics The results

Scottish Referendum 2014: RT

A selection of presentation for the Scottish Referendum used by RT. Sting No1 Sting No2 Presenters Straps Result evening ...

Scottish Referendum 2014: GMB

Referendum presentation from Good Morning Britain now online.

Scottish Referendum: Channel 4

Channel 4 and Channel 5 News coverage of the Scottish Referendum.

Scottish Referendum 2014: America

A collection of presentation used by the America network while reporting on the Scottish referendum. CNN Sting Studio and graphics ...

Scottish Referendum 2014: Channel 5 News

A collection of presentation used by Channel 5 news, while covering the Scottish referendum. With thanks to JK08. Coming up Live from Edinburgh. Live in Edinburgh. The studio Graphics...