Special Features

Dedicated to special features relating to television presentation.

Behind the scenes at Media City

Some behind the scenes images of Media City at Salford.

Independent Broadcasting Authority

For several years until July 1990 the IBA put out a short weekly programme under the title Engineering Announcements.

And Here Is The News

'And Here Is The News' was a programme broadcast to mark the 60th anniversary of Independent Television News (ITN) on September 22nd 1955.

City Road Studios Demolition

A look at the demolition of Tyne Tees' iconic City Road studios.

Coming Up Next...

This section is dedicated to the continuity announcers who have graced the ITV Network over the years.


High quality television logos to download free of charge.

Newsflash: Stories That Stopped The World

Newsroom reporters and presenters talked about delivering breaking news to the viewing public when the newsflash was the most dramatic and unexpected broadcast of them all.

Regional TV: Life Through a Local Lens

A programme looking at the impact of regional tv and news programmes on the media landscape of the UK between the 1950s and the early 1980s.

We Interrupt This Programme

Focusing on the captions used to introduce newsflashes or news reports.