City Road Studios Demolition

The Day The Dream Died: Viewpoint

12 months ago I documented the long anticipated demolition of the former Tyne Tees TV studios on City Road in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The Day The Dream Died - Introduction

What began life as a pair of nondescript warehouses on the banks of the River Tyne became the headquarters of the ITV North East franchise holder for almost half a century.

The Day The Dream Died (November)

Following reports of a banner bearing the name "Thompsons" being attached to the building, my first venture to the site since its original owner's departure came in mid-November 2009.

The Day The Dream Died (February)

The process began picking up pace as the machinery reached the main building, which leads to a story that will undoubtedly haunt me for the rest of my life.

The Day The Dream Died (March)

Sometimes pictures can speak for themselves...

The Day The Dream Died (One Year On)

Back on City Road 12 months later and little has changed save for a few signs advertising the land available.