This article will discuss the contribution of Halford John Mackinder, one of the earliest and most influential of the contributors to the discussion. Around the young geographer, Halford J. Mackinder, grew concerned with the changing balance of international power. He argued that. This largely outdated view influenced some geopolitical thinking. Sir Halford John Mackinder was a British geographer who wrote a paper in.

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The analogy with the World Island and the United States falls apart, for no nation that dominates that continent would ever be able to threaten hhalford hemisphere.

Holding strong imperialist views, he included in his circle of friends similarly minded men, among them the politician L.

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. It seems to be natural for the human mind to use analogies and slogans to comprehend situations that are difficult to grasp.

At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. United States, country in North America, a federal republic of 50 states. Mackinder would have us believe that central geopolitucs is an advantage to a Heartland power, for it allows shorter, internal lines of transportation with which the Heartland power can choose the point of attack.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was elected to Parliament in January as Unionist Party member for the Glasgow Camlachie constituency and was defeated in Brzezinski has made Eurasia the focus for US foreign policy in all of his writing, consistently warning of the dangerous advantages that the Heartland power had over the West.

A German geopilitics and devotee of Mackinder, Karl Haushofer, spent the interwar period writing extensively about the Heartland and the need for Lebensraum additional territory deemed essential for continued national well-being for the German people.

PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly – Summer

At that time, a group of men at the Royal Geographical Society were making strong efforts to raise the status of geography as an academic discipline in Britain and to secure for it an adequate place in the educational system.

Strangely, though, Mackinder received a fresh look by some scholars in the s, both geopolitiics the United States and abroad, and especially in the Heartland itself.

They disagreed about the Mackinder’s emphasis on serving the British Mackinser [21]. May, Thinking in Time: One of Haushofer’s pupils was Rudolph Hess, who brought his teacher into the inner intellectual circles of the Reich.

The essential irrelevance of the “natural defenses” of the Heartland was pointed out during the first stages of debate on Mackinder during World War II.

Norton, [original publication ]p Geographical Journal, — Last, and most important for hqlford purposes, geopolitics has become synonymous with grand strategy, “not, as in Kissinger, about the everyday tactical conduct of statecraft.

The Geographical Pivot of History

Some observers assume that Russian meddling in the affairs of the states on its periphery is an inevitable sign of neoimperialism, which is a permanent characteristic of its eternal national character.

This gap in the natural defenses led to the famous conclusion that whoever ruled Eastern Europe would be in an advantageous position to rule the Heartland, and therefore the World Island, and therefore the world. The book included, apart from the main theme, many farsighted observations— e. Policymakers operate with a set of assumptions and frameworks through which they interpret international events.

As a further stabilizing factor, he urged the creation of a tier of independent states to separate Germany and Russia, much along the lines finally imposed by the peace treaty. Haushofer was appointed by Hitler to run the German Academy in Berlin, which was “more a propagandic institution than a true academy in the continental European sense,”[8] according to one observer.

Geopolitics and Risk Society,” Internet, http: To many geopoliticians, the United States is an island power, peripheral to the crucial and decisive land of Eurasia.

Halford Mackinder

But theories and assumptions, whether articulated or not, provide the frameworks which guide decisionmaking. Geopolitics as grand strategy was one of the important intellectual foundations for the West’s Cold War containment policy.

While this may have had some mackinrer when there was the potential for the rest of the world to be dominated by the communists, as long as the great powers of the World Island continue to be wedded to the free market and do not perceive US power to be threateningthen there is little danger of their voluntarily shutting their doors to the American market madkinder investment structure. The book’s most famous quote was: If we approach Eurasia as if it were a chessboard, then we will be met by opponentsand cooperation and mutual benefit would be removed from our calculations.

Without those frameworks, the proper course for the nation, or the veopolitics interest itself, cannot be identified or pursued.

But inthe world is eager to change–along the lines being defined by America–but now America is reluctant.