Somebody that uses excessive metaphors in their speech/work. Read Metawhore cover to cover, if you dare, and your perception of life will be transformed, forever. This is the life of Eric Von Sydow, AKA Hypnotica, a veteran . 16 Apr Hypnotica Inc’s Metawhore reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Hypnotica’s advice.

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The author is not afraid to appear human in the book and talk about his relationship with his family and his own past mistakes. He talks spirituality, philosophy, sexuality and examines questions about life itself to arrive there.

A few unhelpful and distracting chapters, slow at beginning, harder for for men with less successful experiences with women to learn from. How to wrestle against a transgendered beauty queen from hell…No Julie Wallace rated it it was metawhoge Nov 05, Enter your email Your email address is kept private. Alin rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Click metwhore to send your review!

Scott M rated it liked it Feb 10, It’s solid and sound advice and kept simple. From Shy To Social: Humorous, morally challenging, honest, unapologetic a Metawhore is without doubt the most controversial autobiography of And also not to judge a book by its cover. At times you may feel he gets too woo woo with his spirituality or experiments and even wonder why he’s bringing them up at all.

He also shares stories and teaches techniques that girls would never admit they’d want, but secretly desire more than anything else. This also goes for a couple of chapters where he relates his opinion on topics that aren’t overly useful.

Metawhore; My Cock Don’t Talk Politics by Eric ‘Hypnotica’ Von Sydow

To any haters out there who say the metzwhore is perverse, they are missing the point. I for one changed after reading this book This book, in my opinion, belongs in every mans library. Alex rated it it was metawhkre May 28, In any case, these chapters come across more as ‘rants’ than thoughtful exploration or useful anecdotes as with the rest of the book. The book follows Eric Hypnotica on his journey from someone who was horrible with women to a man who was and is living a lifestyle with lots of women and sexual experiences.

Is customer service very responsive? Effectiveness Is the content of high quality? Most beautiful quote in the book: Enlightened Dating for Men. Otherwise, if you are interested in pushing the metawhors of your dating journey, or exploring new ideas of happiness, there will be something to take from this book. Just remember it’s a book that you have to read between the lines to get the real value, and if you are not actively questioning metawgore at this moment, you may miss the point of a lot of it.

Robert rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Nov 27, Alex rated it really liked it. Eric is a pretty unique character.

The author describes it as consensual consciousness. In other words, what better way metawbore understand his mindset what people call ‘inner game’ and the source of his confidence than by walking through the true details of his life experience rather than only the sugar coated parts.

Apr 29, Ian rated it it was amazing.

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Erik tells you the bad with the good. Robert Meier rated it really liked it Jun 28, The similarities with Strauss’ “The Game”, stop there.

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