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An Là (The Day) is a Scottish Gaelic-language news programme broadcast on the Scottish Gaelic language channel, BBC Alba. The programme, based at BBC Alba’s newsroom in Inverness, began at 8pm on Monday 22 September 2008 and provides a 30-minute bulletin of Scottish, British and international news for Gaelic speakers on weeknights. The Sunday night review programme, composed of highlights from the week’s bulletins as well as material from Eòrpa, called Seachd Là, began at 6.30pm on Sunday 28 September 2008.

BBC Alba News: 2008-

An Là is the nightly weekday news programme broadcast on the Gaelic-language station, BBC Alba , which launched on 19 September 2008. Titles Studio and Presenter Shots 2008-2013 April 2013 onwards Straps ...