BBC News 24: 1999-2003

Graphics and titles for the 1999 relaunch of BBC News 24 were developed by the Lambie-Nairn design agency and were gradually rolled out across the whole of BBC News – including a similar design for regional news, starting with Newsroom South East and the three BBC Nations – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The similarity of main BBC News output was intended to increase the credibility of the channel as well as aiding cross-channel promotion.

The presentation package was launched on BBC News 24 on 25 October 1999.  Studio and graphics were updated slightly on 29 April 2002, and a new coundown introduced on 13 January 2003.

A shortened version of these titles was used as the sting when BBC One or BBC Two schedules handed over to BBC News 24 overnight.

Main Top of the Hour Titles – Overnight Version
For use between 1am and 5am GMT/BST, when BBC News 24 was simulcast with BBC World for the front half-hour of each hour.

Overnight Sting

Headline Bumper

Studio and Presenter Shots

1st Generation

2nd Generation

BBC World Studio


10 March 2000 – 12 January 2003
Shortly after the 1999 relaunch, a countdown was introduced as a device to lead up to the Top of The Hour headlines and titles sequence. A version was also used latterly as a timed segue for the the handover between BBC1 / BBC2 and BBC News 24.  The countdown in full lasted 90 seconds.

13 January 2003 – 7 December 2003
>Fast-paced shots of live action scenes replaced the numeric countdown – a refresh introduced to retain viewer attention in the lead-up to the Top of The Hour headlines. Several versions existed, with a menu overlayed until five seconds remained.

UK Today

Before English regions were available on digital satellite, UK Today was shown in place of the English regional news programmes between 2 October 2000 and 25 January 2002, during the regional opts of BBC Breakfast – which was simulcast on BBC1 (or BBC2 as appropriate) and BBC News 24. BBC London News replaced it initially, until all BBC English regions were available on digital satellite from 30 May 2003.


Weekday Evenings

Weekend Line-Up

"As It Breaks – Whenever It Breaks"

Misc Promo Endboards

Iraq War

Used during the height on the conflict in March and April 2003.



Variously themed programmes make up the schedules of BBC News 24, especially during the afternoon, evening, and overnight.

Asia Today

Australia Direct


Europe Direct

Click Online

Dateline London