BBC News 24: 2007-2008

BBC News 24 refeshed its graphics on 22nd January 2007. Instead of the familiar ‘tower’ graphics (with a boxed logo rising from the bottom of the screen), small now seemed to be the order of the day. The logo was now shorter and right at the bottom of the screen, and all the graphics appeared above this.


Countdown Sequence


Daytime Studio

Overnight Studio
Though separate from BBC News 24, BBC World simulcasts with the channel overnight from the News 24 studio.


Headline Straps


Breaking News

Station Promotion

Newspaper Review

Your News / Contact Graphics


Sports News

Business News

BBC News Online



News 24 Tonight

The World Today / World Business Report
For coverage of The World Today and World Business Report – simulcast with BBC World from 5am to 6am weekdays – please visit our BBC World page for this era.