Sky News: 2010

In preparation for the start of high-definition broadcasting, Sky News moved to its second studio (Studio B) on the morning of the 30 March 2010. Broadcasting from Studio B continued until 9pm on 6 May, when they moved back to the main newsroom and launched Sky News HD in time for the 2010 General Election results. Sky News received a graphics refresh to coincide with the launch of the new HD channel – this was trialed during the soft launch for Sky News HD on 22 April; Sky News’ distinctive orchestral theme music, in use since 2005, was also replaced on 6 May 2010. The new logo for both the SD and HD versions of the channel was released before launch – the main change being adopting a new logo to go with the modified Sky logo.

Sky News 2010: Afternoon Live

Studio and Graphics

Sky News 2010: Boulton & Co

Boulton & Co is an hour long programme on Sky News that launched on January 17th 2011. The show is presented by Adam Boulton and Sarah Hughes from studios in Westminster. Opening Sequence Studio Graphics...

Sky News 2010: Live at Five

Studio and Graphics

Sky News 2010: Murnaghan

Starting on 9 January 2011, Dermot Murnaghan presents his own show on Sunday mornings from 10 til 12. Titles Studio and Presenter Shots Astons/Graphics Coming Up Papers

Sky News 2010: News at Ten

Opening Sequence Studio and Graphics

Sky News 2010: skynewsdotcom

Opening Sequence Twitter Sting Studio and Graphics

Sky News 2010: The Live Desk

The Live Desk Titles Studio and Graphics

Sky News 2010: Miscellaneous

General presentation used on Sky News since the 2010 relaunch. Top of the Hour Stings Sport Maps / Other Graphics Weather Wall Weather Graphics Sky News Promo High Definition...

Sky News 2010: Sunrise

Studio and Graphics