ITV News Channel TV

ITV News Channel TV (formerly Channel Report and Channel News) is the regional news service on ITV Channel Television, co-produced with the independent production company, Newsline. The news service is produced from the main studios of ITV Channel Television at their studios at Castle Quay in Jersey.

Channel Report: 1988-1993

Coverage of presentation from Channel Report between 1988 and 1993.

Channel Report: 1993-1996

Channel Report launched a new look on Monday, 4th January 1993.

Channel Report: 1999-2000

A new look for Channel Report was launched in 1999.

Channel Report: 2000-2004

A new look for Channel Report was introduced in 2000. At this point in time, Channel Television were the only ITV region to use a clock to introduce its regional news programme.

Channel Report: 2004-2006

The new generic news set and presentation arrived ITV in February 2004, however Channel Television did not adopt this until 27 September 2004. They also opted to keep the previous look's theme.

Channel Report: 2006-2007

ITV unveiled a new corporate logo to most of its channels and services on 16 January 2006. Most regional programmes underwent a refresh at this time.

Channel Report: 2007-2013

ITV News went widescreen on 2 December 2007. Most ITV regional news programmes made slight alterations to the graphics used on their programmes.

ITV News Channel TV: 2013-2015

Regional news on ITV was refreshed, along with all other presentation, on 14 January 2013. Channel Report and Channel News were renamed 'ITV News Channel TV', and the programme received a new set as part of the makeover.

ITV News Channel TV: 2015-

ITV News Channel TV began broadcasting from new studios at Castle Quay in Jersey at 6pm on Sunday, June 7th 2015.