ITV News London

ITV News London is a regional news programme for the ITV London region (previously Carlton/LWT), produced by ITN.

The flagship programme launched on Monday 4 January 1993 as London Tonight, and was supplemented by shorter ”London Today” bulletins, launched on New Year’s Day 1993 (LWT discontinued its own local news service over the weekend)

LNN come about after Carlton Television won the London weekday franchise from previous holder Thames Television. London Tonight was originally produced by London News Network – a joint venture between Carlton and LWT designed to provide a sole ITV regional news service for the London area, broadcasting seven days a week. Its creation established a continuity between the once separate services and presentation of weekend and weekday news, weather and sport in the region, previously provided by Thames News and LWT News.

In 2004, ITV London owners Carlton and Granada merged, forming ITV plc with LNN being dissolved soon after. Production for all ”ITV London News” programming remained at The London Studios (formerly known as the LWT South Bank Centre) until 29 February 2004, when it was taken over by the national Channel 3 news provider ITN and moved to their headquarters in Central London, making the region the only operation not to produce its own news programmes in-house. Around 40 jobs were lost with the closure of LNN, although the programme retained its own editorial team.

London Tonight: 1993-1999

London Tonight launched as a joint service for London viewers, provided by London News Network, seven days a week.

London Tonight: March-September 1999

A new look title sequence was adopted for London Tonight on 8 March 1999, to tie in with the relaunched ITV News schedule. These titles used an edited version of the London Tonight theme tune. There were no changes to the studio at this time.

London Tonight: 1999-2004

A new look was introduced to London Tonight on 6 September 1999.

London Tonight: 2004-2006

Most ITV Regions unveiled a new generic look to their news programmes on Monday 2 February 2004 to co-incide with the launch of ITV plc.

London Tonight: 2006-2007

ITV unveiled a new corporate logo to most of its channels and services on 16 January 2006. Most regional programmes underwent a refresh at this time.

London Tonight: 2007-2009

ITV News went widescreen on 2 December 2007. Most ITV regional news programmes made slight alterations to the graphics used on their programmes.

London Tonight: 2009-2013

London Tonight became the final ITV regional news programme to adopt the yellow ITV News branding on Thursday 17 December 2009.

ITV News London: 2013-

Regional news on ITV was refreshed, along with all other presentation, on 14 January 2013. London Tonight was relaunched and renamed as 'ITV News London', and was presented from a new set - the only one of its kind in the regions at the time - which...