STV News: North

STV News is a Scottish regional news service produced by STV. The news department produces four regional services covering STV’s two Channel 3 franchise areas of Northern and Central Scotland. Additional bulletins also air on local TV channels STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh.

North Tonight 1989-1990

In January 1989 North Tonight was given a updated look, along with new titles and signature tune created by Ed Welch.

North Tonight: 1990-1992

Presentation from North Tonight between September 1990 and December 1992. The music was revised in January 1992.

North Tonight: 1995-1998

In January 1995 North Tonight was given a new look along with new title music. In 1997 the titles were updated to a dark green to better match the colours of the studio.

North Tonight: 1999-2003

A new look for North Tonight was unveiled in January 1999.

North Tonight: 2003-2006

A new look for North Tonight was unveiled on 30 June 2003.

North Tonight: 2006

A new look for North Tonight was unveiled on 13 February 2006

North Tonight: 2006-2009

On 24 July 2006, shortly following the rebranding of Grampian to STV (North) on 30 May, a new look to the news bulletins was also unveiled. The set and graphics were identical to those introduced in the former Scottish region, now STV (Central). 

STV News: 2009-2012

North Tonight was rebranded as 'STV News' on 23 March 2009, to co-incide with the new look STV.

STV News: 2012-2014

STV News North relaunched its titles, graphics and set on 6 February 2012.

STV News (North): 2014-

A new look for STV News was launched on Monday 2nd June 2014, to co-incide with the major rebrand of all STV services.