TVS News


Coast to Coast was the flagship regional news programme produced by Television South, covering the south and southeast of England with separate news services for both parts of the dual-region between January 1982 and December 1992.

The TVS logo is a registered trademark of Steve Woodgate, CEO of TVS Television.

Coast to Coast: 1985 - 1987

In September 1985, TVS unveiled a new look Coast to Coast, replacing the original look which had been used on air for 4 years.

TVS News: 1987-1989

To co-incide with the refresh of TVS presentation, Coast to Coast launched a new look in 1987.

TVS News: 1989-1992

The final look for Coast to Coast launched in 1989, when TVS presentation was refreshed again. The final look saw modifications to graphics and studios, and a slight modification to the title sequences.