Westcountry News

Westcountry Live was the flagship regional news programme of ITV Westcountry, serving South West England.

For the current ITV News programme serving the West Country, please click here.

Westcountry Live: 1994-1997

Westcountry Live revised their on-screen presentation in 1994.

Westcountry Live: 1997-2002

Presentation from Westcountry Live from 1997-2002.

Westcountry Live: 2002-2004

Westcountry Live unveiled a new look on 13 May 2002.

Westcountry Live: 2004-2006

All ITV Regions unveiled a new generic look to their news programmes on Monday 2 February 2004 to co-incide with the launch of ITV plc.

Westcountry Live: 2006-2007

ITV unveiled a new corporate logo to most of its channels and services on 16 January 2006. Most regional programmes underwent a refresh at this time.

Westcountry Live: 2007-2009

ITV News went widescreen on 2 December 2007. Most ITV regional news programmes made slight alterations to the graphics used on their programmes, although ITV Westcountry's news optput remained cropped 4:3.