BBC Look East: 2008-2009

BBC Look East adopted new titles and graphics on 21 April 2008, coinciding with the relaunch of BBC News.

These captures relate to the main programme broadcast from Norwich. This covers the whole of the BBC East region in its pan regional bulletins during BBC Breakfast, daytime and weekend bulletins — as well the second half of the main 6.30pm programme. The first half of the main 6.30pm programme covers only Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.


Studio / Presenter Shots


Live Straps



Late Weather

Cambridge sub-opt

The opt within the main 6.30pm programme was formerly referred to as ‘Close Up’, however since the 2008 rebrand, this has reverted to simply ‘Look East’. The late programme also now uses the same titles as all other Look East bulletins. The Cambridge studio still retained the ‘window’ backdrop from the 2000 rebrand even into the 2008 rebrand, and only in 2009 did they update the studio colour scheme and backdrop to match the main studio — which has been in the Forum, Norwich, since 2003.

Short Titles

Studio and Graphics

Holding Animation

Played when the West opt fails or end too early, rather than crashing back into the sustaining East feed.