BBC Reporting Scotland

BBC Reporting Scotland is the only regional news programme to cover the whole of Scotland, and began broadcasting on 1 April 1968 – although a Scottish news service had been provided by BBC Scotland since 1957.

Reporting Scotland moved from Queen Margaret’s Drive to its present home at Pacific Quay in Glasgow, on 20 August 2007.

BBC Reporting Scotland 1970s-1980s

A selection of opening titles used by Reporting Scotland during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

BBC Reporting Scotland: 1987-1989

In 1987 Reporting Scotland updated its news presentation.

BBC Reporting Scotland: 1989-1992

In 1989 Reporting Scotland updated its news presentation and continued with double-headed presentation.

BBC Reporting Scotland: 1992-1997

In 1992, Reporting Scotland updated its news presentation.

BBC Reporting Scotland: 1997-1999

BBC Reporting Scotland introduced a new look on 6th October 1997.

BBC Reporting Scotland: 1999-2004

BBC Reporting Scotland - along with Newsroom South East, Newsline and Wales Today - updated its titles and graphics on 4 October 1999.

BBC Reporting Scotland: 2004-2007

BBC Reporting Scotland updated its titles, graphics and studio on 1 April 2004. Titles were no longer used in full - instead the programme used the short sting to introduce its bulletins.

BBC Reporting Scotland: 2007-2008

BBC Reporting Scotland redesigned its studio and re-introduced a desk to its programmes and bulletins on 12 February 2007.

BBC Reporting Scotland: 2008-2014

BBC Reporting Scotland changed its titles and graphics on 21 April 2008, coinciding with the relaunch of BBC News.

BBC Reporting Scotland: 2014-

A new studio for BBC Reporting Scotland was launched on Monday 27th January 2014.

Scotland 2014-2016

Scotland 2015 (previously Scotland 2014) is a news and current affairs programme from BBC Scotland News, presented by Sarah Smith and Jonathan Sutherland.