BBC South East Today

BBC South East Today is the BBC South East regional television news programme, serving Kent and East Sussex. Prior to its launch on 3 September 2001, most of the viewers in the region formerly received Newsroom South East, though some had been previously receiving South Today. Eleven bulletins were broadcast each weekday. Since 2012 this has been reduced, to bulletins in the morning during BBC Breakfast, 7-minute programme at 13:30, the half-hour main programme at 18:30, and a 6-minute update at 22:25. There are also five-minute evening updates at weekends.

London Plus: 1986-1989

A new look for London Plus was launched in 1986. It was the final look for the programme, as it was rebranded as Newsroom South East in 1989.

BBC Newsroom South East: 1992-1997

In 1989 London Plus - the local BBC news programme for London, the South East and Oxfordshire - was rebranded to Newsroom South East, to better reflect the area it covered. In 1992 the programme was given a make over.

BBC Newsroom South East: 1989-1992

London Plus was rebranded as Newsroom South East on 28th March 1989.

BBC Newsroom South East: 1999-2001

In October 1999, Newsroom South East adopted the new BBC corporate regional news titles.

BBC South East Today: 2001-2003

BBC South East Today launched on 3 September 2001, broadcasting to Kent, south Surrey and most of Sussex.

BBC South East Today: 2003-2007

BBC South East Today relaunched its titles and graphics on 8 September 2003.

BBC South East Today: 2007-2008

BBC South East Today updated its titles on 3 September 2007, matching the graphics already introduced a year or so previously.

BBC South East Today: 2008-2014

BBC South East Today changed its titles and graphics on 21 April 2008, coinciding with the relaunch of BBC News.

BBC South East Today: 2014-

BBC South East Today unveiled a brand new studio on Monday September 8th 2014.