BBC Look North (Yorkshire)

BBC Look North is the BBC’s regional television news service for West & South Yorkshire, parts of North Yorkshire and the North Midlands. The programmes as produced and broadcast from the BBC Broadcasting Centre at St. Peter’s Square in Leeds with journalists also based at newsrooms in Sheffield, Bradford and York.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire): 1990-1993

A new look for BBC Look North (Yorkshire) was launched in 1990.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire): 1993-1997

Presentation of the BBC's Look North from 1993-1997.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire): 1997-2000

A new look to Look North was revealed in 1997.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire): 2000-2002

BBC Look North adopted the Lambie-Nairn 'map' titles on 10 April 2000.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire): 2002-2004

BBC Look North updated its titles and graphics, along with most other BBC English regions, on 16 September 2002.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire): 2004-2008

BBC Look North moved to its current premises at St Peter's Square in Leeds on 27 September 2004.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire): 2008-present

A new look for Look North was introduced on 21 April 2008, to co-incide with the rebranding of all BBC News programmes.