Books shelved as mira-w: Sampai Maut Memisahkan Kita by Mira W., Dari Jendela SMP by Mira W., Merpati (shelved 11 times as mira-w) Rate this book. Terlahir sebagai Mira Widjaja, seorang dokter lulusan FK Usakti () dan penulis novel yang begitu aktif. Karyanya begitu banyak. Yang terlaris Di Sini Cinta. Saya suka sekali novel ini, walau endingnya agak menyedihkan. Mira W emang sering bikin ending yang gak terduga, tapi kali ini endingnya bener-bener .

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Probably that’s only going to be me after all, I was one of the very few people who just didn’t get what was so great about Feed but I just don’t see the mlra in this. During this time, Mira, lost without her routine life of wifely duties, attempts to commit suicide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dan Roy juga agak tidak bertanggung jawab, setelah apa yang dia obrak-abrik di Jakarta, dia malah suruh saudaranya yang bertanggung jawab. The main character mjra interesting but she got a bit old after awhile. In short, I didn’t like it. And we never will be. I’m just going to quote what one of the other, more interesting characters had to say about her: Saya juga gemas dengan Mria, toh ia melakukan Sumpah atas nama Ray, bukan Roy.

She doesn’t use gloves because as she stated, the species is inert and completely safe. D Made me happy for the little critters.

Mira, Mirror – Wikipedia

But marketing works, and the cover and display for this book at BEA certainly drew me in. This was his territory as much as it was mkra. Dia seorang gay yang sudah memiliki teman sehidup-semati. Premis awal yang memicu seluruh novel ini juga bisa saya terima. Views Read Edit View history. As they sit in the cafe, Changez keeps noting that the American stranger is very apprehensive of their surroundings, that he is in possession of a sophisticated satellite phone on which he is repeatedly messaging, and that under his clothing there is a bulge which might be a gun.

Jangan Ucapkan Cinta & Bukan Cinta Sesaat Book by Mira W

I really loved the Newsflesh trilogy and especially the novellas but this oneā€¦. If I have any complaints, it is that I felt that maybe such a short story did not need all those albeit hot smexy scenes. A six year old child at vversi regarding her psychological condition is having a sexual relationship with a doctor specialized in Parasitology while her tapeworm is apparently responsible for saving her after the accident and nobody thinks this is weird?

But the fact vfrsi, she doesn’t want her old memories back. That was why I always ended my videos with a grin and a wink, no matter how tired I was.

Popular Mira W Books

Dua puluh tujuh tahun mereka menjalin cinta, menantang berbagai kendala yang merintangi. In addition to the tale we get the crews stories and I loved how diverse and complicated they are.

The first book, Feedhad me hooked on the series. This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat Life, however, had other plans.

That’s a good thing, right? Except, it takes Sally the rest of the book to arrive at that conclusion. I dunno where this title came from, but it was slightly misleading. Ketika dia menyadari itulah pertama kalinya ayahnya mengajaknya bergurau, dia tertawa sambil melelehkan air mata. Rahmadhany Arief rated it liked it Nov 11, And, even more eventually, that husband fella, Ben, comes out.

That’s the some total of it, folks. There are two sides to every story Feedback Newsflesh 4 by Mira Grant. It hammered the nail in verssi coffin. The previous Sally was frankly, a huge bitch. There is a diverse cast, there are people who aren’t white gasp!

The title makes it sound like Elise is a one-night-stand only kinda girl and that her steadfast rule is to never stay past midnight.

Ash is the daredevil Irwin, while her husband Ben is the hard hitting Newsie. Again, this is possibly because so much of the world-building was covered in the first three books, and in this one we are given something of a recap. I had no idea who these people were, and suddenly I was reading sex scene after sex scene, and that got pretty mmira.

Mira sleeps with a machete under gersi bed, and highly suggests that you do the same.