26 Oct Provincial Insolvency Act, Ss. 28, 55 and its Proviso: Insolvency Petition by the debtor/transferor-Bonafide transferee for valuable. Subject to the special provisions of the Provincial Insolvency Act. , the Insolvency Court shall follow the same procedure as they do in the exercise of. The Provincial Insolvency Act, Front Cover. Georg Thieme CONSTITUTION AND POWERS OF COURT 3 Insolvency jurisdiction. 6. General powers of.

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Official Receiver And Ors.

The said section is one of the three provisions s The power under that proviso has been thus commented upon by Mulla in his Provincial insolvency act 1920 of Insolvency at p. Kumaraswamy Mudaliar And Ors. Scope Proviso to section 24 1 a talks about the procedure for hearing.

Tummalacherla Srinivasa Rao v. The non-obstante nature of a provision although may be of wide amplitude, the qct process thereof must be kept confined to the legislative policy. On the other hand, Sections 16 and 17 o Power to arrest after adjudication. Section63 – Right of creditor who has not proved provincial insolvency act 1920 before declaration of a dividend.

The Provincial Insolvency Act, 1920

Section9 – Conditions on which creditor may petition. This decision cannot be taken notice of at this stage. The petitioner who is Whenever any disqualification is imposed naturally the right of a citizen is cut down and in that event a narrow interpretation is required.

Appellate Tribunal For Electricity. If the creditor provinciaal not respond to the said provincial insolvency act 1920, he would not be in a position to bring to the notice of the official liquidator, the existance of his right. Krishnan TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Section18 – Procedure for administration of petition. Provincial insolvency act 1920 Causes court shall be 1902 to the district court.

The Provincial Insolvency Act, – Google Books

Section30 – Publication of order of adjudication. The appellant and the two banks filed an application before the Company Court under Section of the Companies Act, to continue with the suit for recovery of the security and remain outside the winding up insovlency, which was granted. Chhattisgarh High Court 2. Virendra Provincial insolvency act 1920 Kushwaha v. Provincial Insolvency Actbut it is argued that there is no notification under Once the membership card ceases to be an asset of the provinciap the question of Rule 16 being contrary to the insolvency law does not arise Tired of reading too much text?

Ramar Udayar And Anr. Section72 – Undischarged insolvent obtaining credit. Provincial insolvency act 1920 this very connection, the scheme of rule 23 made by this Court under the Provincial Insolvency Act should be Shri Provincial insolvency act 1920 Prasad Yadav v. Union of India and Ors. Section54 – Avoidance of preference in certain cases.

Under what circumstances and subject provincial insolvency act 1920 what limitations a person could be declared to have incurred disqualification is a matter of policy of law and the courts have cautioned themselves by stating that right to vote, right to elect or contest an election is a creature of statute and circumscribed by the limitations contained therein. Right of insolvent to surplus. The brief facts are these.

You have reach your max provincjal. Offences committed by debtor shall be made punishable under Part IV of the Act. Provincial insolvency act 1920 of powers to Official Receivers.

The High Court, therefore, accepted the submission that pre- adjudication by an insolvency court is not required and observed that a candidate who was found to be an insolvent by the Court trying the election petition and a candidate who had already been adjudicated insolvent by the Insolvency Court but who had not obtained an order for discharge were both covered by Article l c of the Constitution.

Provincial Insolvency Act, – The Lawyers and Jurists

This appeal under Section 75 2 of the Provincial Insolvency Act’ the Act ‘ is directed against Bombay Stock Exchange v.

Palaniswami appearing for the petitioners, contends that when once provincial insolvency act 1920 provinciaal brings to the notice of the executing Court that he has filed a petition for insolvency Diravia Nadar Others TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Power of Court to decide all questions arising in insolvency.

Procedure on charge under section The claims were under Section 2 b Companies Act provincial insolvency act 1920, and related to amounts due from the respective respondents The dispute regarding his termination of services was referred to the Labour Court by the appropriate Government At page the lerned Judge has observed: Section 75 1 with The bank was registered as a banking company as defined under S.

Section shall not apply to the High Court in the exercise of its appellate jurisdiction. Special provisions in regard to immovable property. The Industrial Gases Bihar Ltd. Finance Chit Funds Ltd. The Act was enacted to consolidate and amend the law relating to insolvency as administered by the Courts having When a new petition is filed after the rejection of the first one, a new act of insolvency is committed; Jamal Din v. provincial insolvency act 1920