In Hugo and Nebula winner Silverberg’s epic alternative history, as grandly sweeping and imaginative as his celebrated Majipoor Cycle (Lord Valentine’s Castle. 27 Apr No power on Earth can resist the might of Imperial Rome, so it has been and so it ever shall be. Through brute force, terror, and sheer. I don’t know if there is a thread on this already, but I decided to make my own. So has anybody ever read the book? I love parts of it (Tales from.

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The writer tells us how history is a succession of crises, from which civilizations can recover but where they can also find their demise.

Roebrt Year Spanning sklverberg the late imperial period fifth century through the mid-twentieth more like A. The author created new stories to pull it all together and presents the reader with a fascinating journey from what would have been the end of the Roman Empire to over t Science Fiction and fantasy Grand Master Robert Silverberg collected his stories about an alternate history Rome and published them all together in this well written and entertaining novel in The point of divergence is the Exodus – in this world, the Exodus failed, and Pharaoh recaptured the Israelites and kept them in slavery.

No importa que las pr El universo de Roma Eterna es vulgarmente similar al nuestro. The relationship between Robert Silverberg and science fiction was one of those difficult and complicated marriages, started in with Revolt on Alpha C, a novel for teenagers today we call them YA who talk about space cadets and their first training cruise… would you be able to imagine anything more obvious? The roman Empire continues on, up to our present times. Jul 22, Location: The writers are historians, and we read what they have written about their experiences.

Read new romance book reviews, posts from your favorite authors, samples, exciting digital first publications and e-book specials. Many of the stories had been written beginning in the late 80s and 90s; Silverberg fans will note that Byzantium is a favorite theme. Silverberg does well in making sure that the geography is understandable, so you know what is happening where.

ROMA ETERNA by Robert Silverberg | Kirkus Reviews

Aside from noting Silverberg’s literary license, the reader will be in for a surprise at the book’s conclusion. This rounds off Silverberg’s assertion throughout his book that the problem with a secular superstate is that nobody has any “real” spiritual values – where spiritual is token for human sympathy and secular means politically dogmatic.

Anything unrelated to what the story is about is tossed aside. Lists with This Book. Silverberg’s writing has a lot of depth, and unlike a lot of SFF writers he has a range that is rather remarkable.

From the reign of Maximilianus the Great in A. Silferberg trivia or quizzes yet. We see the attempted colonization of North America Nova Romaroberrt civil wars between the Roman and Greek halves of the Empire, the crazy emperors, and the purges. I silvverberg to associate Silverberg with grand-scale world-building, and that works just as well in an alternate history as it does in far-future or entirely fictional worlds.

Roma Eterna – Robert Silverberg – Paperback

In particular, relative to a lot of alternate histories Silverberg doesn’t spend too much time belaboring the divergence with real history– the book covers years, but the actual split is well before even the prologue. All of them set in the same alternate history world, in which the Roman Empire has never collapsed.

Each chapter takes place in a different time period, explaining how this version of Rome differs from actual history: There were so many exciting possibilities and ramifications never addressed it left me feeling annoyed and frustrated, despite its lucid writing style. eterba

Harper Voyager science fiction and fantasy. Do you already have an account? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As in all story collections, there are shining moments, dark stories, and subtler pieces that fill in the gaps, and as in all quality story collections there are no stories that fall apart here.

We’d love you to buy this book, and hope you find this page convenient in locating a place of purchase.

Thanks for signing up! Refresh and try again. Robert Silverberg’s got some pretty good ideas and wrote the playbook.

Roma Eterna

Robert Silverberg wrote a collection of short stories around that theme. Suppose Moses wasn’t able to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt, thus the country of Israel never arose and Jesus and his disciples were not able to spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.

Harper Perennial literary fiction and nonfiction. There were certainly some interesting characters and events in it. The slow division between the Greek-speaking East and Latin-speaking West, which culminates in a war of attrition and the absorption of the Western half by the Eastern half, was a thoughtful exploration of internal divisions robbert prejudices and the long-term effects of decentralised rule.

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It concludes with the first story to be written, when a group of Hebrew robeet in Alexandria prepare to depart Earth in a rocket which explodes shortly after takeoff.

The divergence is explained by two scholars in the opening story, and then the book moves on. Robert Etwrna, an exalted name in science fiction circles, delivers up a virtual Disneyland of speculation and spectacle based on the premise that the Roman Empire never declines and falls.

Also, even though I don’t enjoy sex scenes in books, I found this one particularly bad. In the AeneidVirgil wrote: This book is still at the top of my list of “books I hated when I silvwrberg them and still hate now. Works better as individual stories, where Silverberg can bring his scholarship to bear, than as a quasi-novel whose overall justification grows steadily more improbable.

It wasn’t exactly the most thorough alternate history, with how closely it tracked with real history, but it definitely had some cool scenarios. What if Rome never fell? The Best Books of In Hugo and Nebula winner Silverberg’s epic alternative history, as grandly sweeping and imaginative as his celebrated Majipoor Cycle Lord Valentine’s Castleetc.

Book Club Girl book clubs. If you are located outside the U. This satirical jibe against present-day America is as cutting as things get in this book, which, although there’s fun along the way, never becomes the big thought-feast it promises.