Shri SaiBaba of Shirdi Vrat and Puja Formatted By: Aarav PapadeSainath’s Preaching’s: Book like feeding the poor, distribution of Sai vrat books on 9 th couldn’t dare to walk even few steps for a week and the pain was very severe. All our. 28 Sep Sai Baba Vrat for 9 Thursdays with procedure and Katha-English Kokila did the Vrat for 9 Thursdays, distributed Sai Vrat books and fed the poor on 9th .. i have done my pooja 8th week of thursday morning.i got the period. 11 Oct Few months back when I went to my mother’s place, she gave me a book. The book was about 9 Thursdays Sai Baba Vrat. She said that.

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In such cases devotees can request wee,s relatives to feed poor people in India on their behalf. OM Sri Sai Anna vastra daaya namaha. Thank you for your support. Naam dwarka masjid karakha Shirdi main Sai ne, Daap taap, suntaap mitaya, jo kuch aaya Sai ne. OM Sri Sai Sai baba 9 weeks vratam book in namaha. Okaya for the excessive work that he has done for me.

As a result of Sai Baba Vrat someone came and returned the box after two months. Baba ke charno main ja kar, jo kehta main hoo nirdhan, Daya usee par hoti unkee, khul jaate dhukh ke bandhan. As said earlier they are easily available in India.

When you understand that, your mind gets lot of peace and you’ll be able to focus on Sai sai baba 9 weeks vratam book in than this trivial things. Paap aur anyaya sabhi kuch, iss jagti ka har ke, Duur bhaga deta duniya ke danav ko shan bhar main. Anonymous March 13, at 5: Prosperity, happiness and peace spread in her home.

Can i do Vrat if i am not at home or when I am travelling? OM Sri Sai Yogaksheema vahaaya namaha.

Shanker samaj bhakta kayee to, Wees ko bhajhte rahte, Koyee kahe avatar datta ka, pooja Sai ki karte. What if i miss any Thursday s due to unavoidable circumstances?

She was tolerating all her problems silently having lots of faith in GOD that GOD will make everything all right one day. Gar inn main charan shri ke, nahi sai baba 9 weeks vratam book in umar bhar, Mana leta main jaroor unko gar rooth te Sai mujh par!! Yellow coloured flowers or garland must be offered to Sai Baba, incense sticks and lamp must be lighted and then the main story of the vrat must be read.

OM Sri Sai Satyatatva boodhakaaya namaha. Trust in me and your prayer shall be answered. This vrat can be started from any Thursday by taking Sai Baba’s name. In this Kaliyug, god helps those who are in distress. Kan- kan me tumho bhagwan, teri leela shakti mahan Kaise karu tere gungan, budhee heen me hu nadan.

Shirdi Sai Baba Vrat Pooja book download and instructions

Sai is Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma! Top Sign in Home. If you have any more doubt you can write here. Sairam Rish When you sai baba 9 weeks vratam book in in menstrual cycle you do not do the vrat. Take a print out and send to your friends or send the link with personal message to close friends.

This vrat can be done by any person without any difference of caste and creed. Sai Baba Vrat Story: Please let me know.

After the serene atmosphere is setup, offer some prasad to Sai could be a fruit, sweet or even a spoon of sugar will do at times. As written above Baba never gave importance to any szi or procedure.