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Swami Vivekananda in the West: New Discoveries – Marie Louise Burke – Google Books

Dark-skinned, unshaven, wearing what must have been by now a vary rumpled orange robe and a strange-looking turban, Swamiji was a matter for alarm. You look about India, what has the Hindoo left? In these series was republished in six volumes. The vengeance of God, it is coming soon. It was through articles in the Hindu by its editor, G.

Yet how swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries reconcile this with the strange and extravagant greeting he had received? Baughn has provided us with a photograph of this quaint old house in which Swamiji lived, and it is here reproduced.

Swami Vivekananda in the West: New Discoveries

But its time has come, and I fervently believe that the bell that tolled this morning in honor of the representa- tives of the different religions of the earth, in this parlia- ment assembled, is the death-knell discoveeries all fanaticism ap- plausethat it is the death-knell to all persecution with the sword or the pen, and to all uncharitable feelings between brethren wending their way to the same goal, but through different ways.

But the present writer swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries along with many others who know the general state of things in an American freightyard — fivekananda inclined to think that Swamiji very sensibly spent the night in a ready-to-hand and roomy boxcar.

Vivekanqnda rather fleshy face is swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries and intelligent. As far as is known, it was in the early part of that the Swami first heard of the Parliament of Religions, which was to be held in Chicago the following year. I believe him to be the re-incarnation of some great Spirit — perhaps Buddha — perhaps Christ. Go not to Om for guidance in petty matters. There are six volumes in the series.

Swamiji fivekananda no credentials.

In the early days he ascribed a great deal of that degradation to the im- perialism of the British, and it was only natural that he would lash out against a people who had ruthlessly crushed those whom he loved.

It was swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries that Naren asked his usual question: It was to Salem, some fifteen miles southwest, where he was scheduled to speak before the Thought and Work Club, that Swamiji now traveled. In times of laughter and play, in serious dis- cussion, in moods of spiritual ecstasy, even in the everyday routine of eating and sleeping, he transformed life into a festi- val. It would appear either that the same reporter served both papers or that the evening paper lifted copy bodily from that of the morning.

He stayed until Monday and was one of the most interesting people I have yet come across. That Christianity would gloriously and unequivocally prove its superiority was a foregone conclusion in the minds of many of its promoters. It was windy, however, and sometimes it rained. The Hindu, the Mohammedan, the Christian, all have trampled them under foot. Was swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries possible to know Him?

Already have an account? It is true that throughout the history of India meetings of different religions had taken place; it is also true that before there had been from time to time ecumenical conventions of Christians and also of Moham- medans.

They have no monastery, no property, they cannot even beg; but they sit and wait until alms are given them. Meanwhile you tell his people to send money as soon as they can for him to go over.

I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the discoverjes both tolerance and universal acceptance. In course of his speech he was fre- quently and closely questioned by Dr. He knew also, with a sure knowledge that sprang from the depths of his being, that he must renounce the world.

For the next two and one-half years swani and complex plans were made, involving an untold number of letters to and from all comers of the earth. First we have learned from the addresses delivered by representatives of many religions, especially those of Asia, that the leaders of these faiths have generally the same aim as that of the Christian preacher.

This article about a biographical or autobiographical book on Hindu personalities is a stub. I sent a swa,i to my friends here in Madras. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. A biographer necessarily selects his material, using it to highlight or to illustrate swaki aspects of his subject. He spoke and acted normally; indeed, he radiated a sense of profound peace and spiritual joy.

Had they known, would they hot have told? There is no question that after meeting Swamiji Mr. He swmai in fairly good English, of the manners and customs in his far away land, and his dusky face, picturesque dress, distinctive phraseology, and pleasantly told story was a charming innovation in our matter-of-fact Western civilization.

Username Or Email Address. SayingsSwami Vivekananda Life after Death. Iromv- cally, however, the Parliament, which could swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries convened only through a spirit of Christian evangelism, became in swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries ofr itself an instrument for the destruction of bigotry.

May He the giver of all gifts shower on your head His choicest blessings.

Swami Vivekananda in the West: New Discoveries

Naturally enough, these articles were sent for, and a request was made for further information regard- ing them. There being no school in Raipur, Vishwanath gave careful attention to his son, training his keen intellect and directing him to the study of European culture and knowledge, which in that day was considered to be the very acme swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries learning.

He dived deep into himself and gave fitting answers to my questions. His money was fast disappearing, the weather, even in August, seemed to him like winter, and his clothes were not only inadequate against the early autumn chill but could incite violence in the streets.