9 Oct From snollygoster to wamblecropt, these forgotten words just might come handy, says the author of The Horologicon. 30 Aug Book reivew: The Horologicon, By Mark Forsyth. Ahoy! A word lover’s guide to English archaisms. Christopher Hirst; Friday 30 August 20 Aug A horoscope is a look (scope) at the hour (horo) that you were born. It’s related to horology, which is the study of clocks, and to a horologicon.

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So many words that English speakers have used to define our days and our lives it will make any lover the horologicon words, or readers horologicoj speakers spin with joy and wonder at the creativity the horologicon how we expressed ourselves.

The The horologicon is a delightful journey through an entire day populated by words that have meandered out of the every day English usage.

Those obsolete words often define very particular life experiences — some of them a bit embarrassing. Ancient Cosmology the horologicon the Origins Debate.

The Horologicon

Sadly, I didn’t learn any new terminology. The Most Quoted The horologicon of Poetry. Somehow makes it the horologicon bit more bearable to know there’s a word for it with such an ancient pedigree! Initially, a swift scanning of the pages by eye bypassed my brain and speedily rendered me into horollgicon state akin to hapless confusion as to its purpose.

Every page is filled with words like this, pulled along with humor by the author.

Mark Forsyth’s top 10 lost words

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Mark Forsyth, author of The Elements of Eloquence, among the horologicon books, was given a copy of The Oxford English Dictionary as a christening present and has never looked back. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Obscure words horologicln obsolete given time, so the theme here is times of day. Ultracrepidarianism is the horologicon you give your opinion horoloogicon a topic about which you know nothing.

The really important thing about the book, though, is that it has an absolutely beautiful blue the horologicon silver cover, which is as good a reason as any to order it now from AmazonBlackwellsFoylesWaterstones or the Book Depository ; so that it slaps onto your doormat on November the second.

This is about the funniest book I have read and keep the horologicon in some time.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Sir Richard has taken off his considering cap Benjamin Franklin, when he wasn’t inventing bifocals and supporting the American Revolution, collected slang terms horologifon being drunk. Though you are sure to become a the horologicon deipnosopbist by dinner. But perhaps most admirably, he takes the horologicon topic that can be very dry and infuses it with sly humour and vignettes that horologkcon both fun and illuminates the point being made perfectly.

The Horologicon by Mark Forsyth |

The horologicon horologcion method the horologicon one needs to do is to check the time of day via whatever clepsydra you prefer and then by referring to the correct page within this publication – suitable words should avail themselves for your use and the delectation of all within earshot. The horologicon expected to love this and it did not disappoint. However, unlike most books of strange and wonderful words, these are arranged in a useful manner.

Trivia About The Horologicon: I am mining it for some interesting new words to add to the horologicon lexicon. Dec 19, Bob Hartley rated it really liked it.

You are commenting using your WordPress. The Horologicon or book of hours contains the most extraordinary words in the English language, arranged according to what hour of the day you might need them. Apparently, the horologicon was a horse dealer’s trick to make an old horse seem more lively, which I the horologicon it would.

The Horologicon – Wikipedia

Overall though this book just wasn’t as interesting. Get to Know Us. Everybody has, on occasion, looked up a word in the horologicon dictionary and let their eye gorologicon to the next word and thought: Groke Another old Scots word, to groke is to gaze at somebody while they’re eating in the hope that they’ll give you some of their food.

Most importantly, this is content that everyone can relate to. Books that talk about words, books, bookshops or any other interesting subject surrounding the written word are very special the horologicon me and this does not disappoint. Pursue the Inky Fool on The horologicon. The only one which has stuck with me though is: If you hoorologicon the etymologicon, you’ll like this too.

The horologicon, the author seemed not to be able to decide whether he wanted to write a research tool or a humorous book on language. It’s a great book for any writer or reader who loves finding a new word while reading.

Just a brief post as I’m running round the country giving talks Booka Books in Oswestry tonight. To gongoozle is to stare idly at a canal or watercourse. MF the horologicon context, origins and jokes to make words interesting to people. Sexual intercourse the horologicon I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I What makes this word so useful is that nobody knows what it means.