BBC Four: 2005-present

BBC Four is a BBC television channel available to digital television viewers in the UK. The part successor (with CBeebies) to BBC Knowledge, the station launched on 2 March 2002.

On 10 September 2005, the channel’s new idents were introduced, based on the theme of “four” and optical illusions, for example a swimming pool where a person on an inflatable ring appears in the bottom left corner, though ripples don’t enter the remaining quarters. Although the image appears as one at the start of the ident by the end it is clearly four separate pics.

BBC Four: Inner Peace

During the last week of October 2017, BBC Four aired a season of programmes devoted to Inner peace. As part of this, the channel aired these interludes which lasted up to 3 minutes.

BBC Four: Presentation 2005-

A selection of presentation used by BBC Four since September 2005.

BBC Four: Special Idents 2005-

A selection of special idents used by BBC Four since 2005.

BBC Four: Christmas 2005-

A selection of Christmas idents used by BBC Four.

BBC Four: 2017 Japanese Season

In June 2017 BBC Four aired a season of programmes devoted to Japan.

BBC Four: Electric Revolution: 2009

Electric Revolution was a season of programmes on BBC Four that gave viewers a unique insight into how developments in technology shaped our lives over the past 40 years, broadcast in September and October 2009.

BBC Four: 2009 Japanese Season

A selection of BBC Four idents from its Japanese Season, which began on 16 March 2009. My Knees are Laughing Barcode Bald Daughter in a Box Sting Programme Promotion

BBC Four: Abstract art season

On 8 September 2014, BBC Four introduced a collection of idents coinciding with a season on abstract art.

BBC Four: Pop Art

A special week of programmes about Pop Art.

BBC Four: Idents 2005-

On 10 September 2005, new idents were introduced on BBC Four, based on the theme of "four" and optical illusions.