BBC One: 2002-2006

BBC One launched a new look on 29 March 2002. The new look replaced the balloon idents, and spelt the end of the much recognised globe identity by the BBC – which had been used in various ways since 1963.

All of the idents under this theme had a common focus: people in various forms of movement and music with a somewhat upbeat rhythm. Red was also used as the predominant colour in all of the idents. Promo graphics were updated on 1 May 2004, and the idents aired for the final time on 7 October 2006, at 1.10am. A montage of idents aired together, ending with the rarely seen ‘Ballet’ ident.

BBC One: Idents 2002-2006

The idents used by BBC One from 2002 until 2006

BBC One: Presentation 2002-2006

Presentation used by BBC One from 2002 until 2006