BBC One: 2006-2016

Coming Full Circle

On 7 October 2006 at 10am BBC One unveiled ‘Circle’ idents as the replacement for the ‘Rhythm & Movement’ idents.

Peter Finchman: Controller of BBC One said:

We thought the circle had a resonance. WE come together in Circles to watch things to feel like a symbol of togetherness. The Circles were also chosen because it echoed past BBC emblems such as the Globe and Ticking clocks

The Idents were designed and produced for the BBC by Red Bee Media.

BBC One: Special Idents 2009-2016

A selection of special idents used by BBC One.

BBC One: Idents 2006-2009

A new look to BBC One debuted on 7 October 2006 at 10am BST.

BBC One: Love 2013-2014

BBC One Love presentation was launched during Christmas 2012 consisting of stings, promos, trailers.

BBC One: Stings 2016

BBC One introduced new presentation stings on 1st January 2016.

BBC One: Stings 2015

New additonal stings are added to reflect the season or events.

BBC One: Presentation 2006-2016

Following the 2009 refresh, programme menu-info and associated presentation were re-edited to include the background of a current ident, and specially adapted menu-info and promos are used from time to time to promote a particular season or programme...

BBC One: Idents 2009-2016

On 2nd May 2009, the circle idents were re-edited with shorter video sequences and new soundtracks.

BBC One: Special Presentation 2015

BBC One launched two new idents and special presentation to mark the New Year on January 1st 2015.