BBC One: Idents 2009-2016

The Wheel of Change

On 2nd May 2009, the circle idents were re-edited with shorter video sequences and new soundtracks. Although the rested Kites ident returned, the Moon and Windows idents were not included in the re-edits and have therefore been permanently removed from rotation.

Regular Idents

Motorcycling around a wheel of death at the Shepperton Studios.

Riding through the weather cycles.

Dog Display
Acrobatic pooches perform death-defying stunts… or at least they did until they were edited out.

North London footballers perform inch-perfect passing in the centre circle.

Delivering goods to an isolated helipad. The new soundtrack saw a marked departure from the sombre, Silent Witnessy tone of old.

On Tuesday, July 2nd 2012, BBC One viewers in the North East were treated to this special version of the Helicopter ident before the BBC News at Ten. This ident is so special, it doesn’t even have a logo.

Suffering a little from BBC2 Yellow Robot syndrome: humorous the first few times, not so much after 5 years of constant overuse.

Filmed on Ynyslas beach in Borth, Wales, red kite fanatics spin a circle in the gusts.

Lawn Circles
Bizarre synchronised lawn mowing housewives.

Magical Forest
An enchanted forest comes to life.

Originally launched as the resident Saturday night ident, the living neon signs can now be seen throughout the week.

The Christmas 07 symbol was reinstated as a regular in Feb 08 before being re-edited again in May 09, with a third different soundtrack in as many years.

A group of children dancing a Ring O’ Roses as petals fall around them.

The set-up was removed entirely, leaving only a lonely looking Space Rover.

Catching the perfect wave off the coast of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Only a long version exists, as the circle formation is so short-lived.

BBC One’s flagship soap turned 25 in 2010 and a special ident was in order. lasted until 2012.c

Stadium A stadium crowd form a circle using multi-coloured cards.
Initially used to introduce World Cup coverage in 2010, Stadium become a regular ident usually seen prior to sports programming.

EastEnders (edited)
In September 2015, the EastEnders ident was reintroduced in an edited and significantly shortened form.


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