BBC Two: Christmas 2007-2010

Christmas presentational use during this ‘Window on the World’ era on BBC Two perhaps matched the economic circumstances which accompanied it in the outside world. The origami creations of the eerie trees, woodland sprite, fairies and deer have been used for every Christmas since 2007, with only minor adjustments as the years have gone by.

Coverage on this page includes presentation from network BBC Two and the nations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

2007 and 2008

Ident 1 – Magic Sprite

Ident 2 – Magic Forest

BBC Two Northern Ireland Variation (2007 only)
As well as the normal boxed version, BBC Northern Ireland also designed a special local variation.

Presentational Bumper 1

Presentational Bumper 2

Programme Menus


Evening Menus

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Following the refresh in June, the ‘BBC Two’ box switched to the right-hand side, and promo endboards became more animated. This was mirrored in the Christmas presentation, with additional seasonal effects used in the BBC logo.

Ident 1 – Magic Sprite (Formed Up)

Ident 2 – Magic Forest (Formed Up)



Now on its fourth outing, the BBC2 Northern Ireland and BBC2 Wales versions of the Christmas ident now feature the box already formed and then fading off.

Seasonal Promo

Programme Promos