BBC Two: 2007-2009

BBC Two launched a new look on 18 February 2007, designed by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and produced by Red Bee Media. The figure 2 – which has been altered from Lambie-Nairn’s original ‘2’ design for the first time in 16 years – became a ‘window on the world’. The first ident broadcast from this set was "Cappuccino Scoop". Additionally, the plum coloured box previously used for the BBC Two logo was changed to a deep aqua colour, along with a font change from Gill Sans to Avenir across the channel.

Regular Idents

The ident that launched the ‘Window on the World’ era. Chocolate sprinkles are poured through a 2 template, creating the logo on top of a cappuccino. Two variants see the clearly unappreciative customer destroy the figure first with a spoon and then with sugar cubes.

A man evades a pursuing gang by climbing through various 2 portals. Five variants were produced, four (Dive, Jump, Pit and Wall) are shown below, only one was regularly used by Network BBC Two and all were withdrawn from use in June 2009. Money well spent then…

As a car races through a city, its stylised wing mirror offers a more relaxed view of the world behind. A variant, officially known as Car, was introduced a few months after the original’s debut. Car features the same visuals accompanied by a lighter soundtrack.

A breakwater with a fatal flaw. Waves crash through the 2-shaped hole accompanied by a dramatic orchestral soundtrack.

A nice view through the 2. A driver opens their unique sunroof to treat us to some blue skies.

The adventures of a yellow BBC Two tent. From a sandy beach to a music festival and even as a companion to an Arctic explorer.


Scenes from the future are animated via a primitive way of viewing moving imagetures.

Tagging Football
A rogue with a 2 template spray paints a pink 2 onto a football. As part of a series of ‘Tagging’ idents, Tagging Football is shown only before Match of the Day 2.

Thursdays Ident / Bumper
Special quirky branding for the Thursday night comedy zone.


Thursdays Promos