BBC Two: Presentation 2009-2017

Presentation was given a refresh from 17 June 2009.

Trail Style
Arguably the most controversial aspect of the refresh is the new trail endboard design. The seemingly random use of upper and lower case and the loud colour scheme. The bright choice of colour for the Newsnight endboard brought much criticism. Others have commented that the new, wacky trail style bears no relation to the more sombre and conservative channel idents.

Promo Endboards




Promo Style
In November 2012, a centred white BBC Two logo was introduced to some promotions

Special Promo
Genius of Invention


Special Promo
BBC2 – There’s Always More To See


BBC2 HD Promo Endboards
BBC2 HD replaced BBC HD on 26 March 2013

Programme Menus
Designs used to advertise an evening of programmes, including a variant specially for comedy thriller series, Psychoville.

Friday night in promo
Northern Ireland branded version
Summer 2015

The Great Pottery Throw Down
November 2015

Simply Nigella
November 2015


Next Pointers
until 2013.
Prior to the refresh, BBC Two had a seemingly endless range of menu designs, each using video clips which did not include scenes from the channel’s idents. Unfortunately, the designers of the refresh were apparently unaware of the existence of said clips and instead used footage from the idents beneath an array of wacky colours. So all of those lovely pointer clips were chucked out of the, erm, window.

Next Pointers
From early 2015 onwards


Promo Endbroads


Signed Programming Slide

2009 – 2015

2015 –

Optics slide
This slide template was first used in December 2017.

Other Slides

Fault Caption
Again replacing a nicely done previous design, the 2009 fault slide seems rather cobbled together in comparison.

Original British Drama

And finally…
If you’ve been affected by the nauseating nature of BBC Two’s rainbow refresh, you may wish to call the BBC Action Line on…


Until 2013

From 2013


Get your sunglasses on, it’s time for the extremely bright BBC Two weather