CBBC (a contraction of the original name, Children’s BBC, short for Children’s British Broadcasting Corporation) is the brand name used for the BBC’s children’s television programmes, and currently specifically refers to those programmes aimed at children. Prior to being refocused solely on the 6-10 group the CBBC/Children’s BBC name was used to refer to all of the BBC’s output for under-10s; the tightening in focus followed the launch of dedicated sub-brands for preschool-age children (CBeebies) and later for teenagers (BBC Switch).

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CBBC: 2016-

A new look for CBBC was launched on Monday 14th March 2016.

Children’s BBC: 1985-1994

On 9 September 1985, BBC overhauled its long-standing block of children's programming as Children's BBC, and for the first time the children's block had dedicated idents and an in-vision presenter.

Children's BBC: 1994-1997

In 1994 - three years after the last relaunch - Pres A was refurbished and became the regular home for all Children's BBC presentation including the weekday afternoon block.

CBBC: 1997-2002

Children's BBC was officially renamed CBBC on 4 October 1997, after several years of informally being referred to as such.

CBBC: 2002-2005

Monday 11th February 2002 saw the launch of the CBBC Channel on Freeview, satellite and cable. With it came a new look for the whole of CBBC.

CBBC: 2005-2007

A new look for CBBC was launched in 2005.

CBBC: 2007-2010

CBBC relaunched on 3 September 2007.

CBBC: 2010-2014

CBBC refreshed its graphics on 10 September 2010.

CBBC: 2014-2016

CBBC refreshed its graphics in September 2014, Although the logo stayed the same, the idents and promotions for the channel were revised.

CBBC 30th Anniversary - 2015

On Wednesday 9 September 2015 Children BBC/CBBC celebrated the 30th anniversary of the CBBC 'Broom Cupboard'.