4 Music

4Music is a music and entertainment channel in the United Kingdom and available on some digital television providers in the Republic of Ireland. The channel launched on 15 August 2008, replacing The Hits. It is the only Channel 4-branded channel within The Box Plus Network. It is available on Freeview, Virgin Media, Sky and Smallworld Cable. On 2 April 2013, all Box Television channels went free-to-air on satellite, apart from 4Music which went free-to-view. As a result the channels were removed from the Sky EPG in Ireland.

4 Music: 2012-2017

A selection of presentation used by 4 Music between 2012 until 2017.

4 Music: 2017-

On 25th September 2017 4 Music was given a brand new look, which included new information boxes and artist & song title animations.

4Music: In The Past

The 4Music strand began on Channel 4 in 2000 - usually late at night - before also migrating to E4, and finally launching as its own channel in 2008.

4Music: 2008-2009

The 4Music channel launched on 3 August 2008.

4Music: 2009-2012

Idents and presentation on 4Music were updated in September 2009.