Channel 5

Channel 5 is a television network that broadcasts in the United Kingdom. Launching on 30 March 1997, it was the fifth and final national terrestrial analogue network to launch.

The channel is now owned by Viacom, who purchased the channel from Northern & Shell on May 1st 2014 for £450,000,000. Previous owners included the RTL Group between 2002 – 2011.

Channel 5: 1997-1999

Launching on 30 March 1997, Channel 5 used several idents based on rotating number 5s and word Fives with random objects.

Channel 5: 1999-2000

Channel 5 refreshed its identity on 6 September 1999.

Channel 5: 2000-2002

Channel 5 refreshed its celebrity idents on 11 September 2000, and also introduced four standard coloured idents, which were used more and more as this presentational run progressed.

Five: 2002-2006

In another continued effort to transform the identity of the station, Channel 5 was rebranded as 'five' on 16 September 2002.

Five: 2006-2008

Five received a new look on 23rd January 2006.

Five: 2008-2011

On 6 October 2008 at 21:00, Five relaunched, with a new logo and idents, ditching its lower-case five logo in use since 2002, to a current upper-case FIVE logo.

Channel 5: 2011-2016

In October 2010, the new owner of Channel 5 Richard Desmond revealed the station’s new look and confirmed its official on-screen identity as "Channel 5" during a press launch.

Channel 5: 2016-

Channel 5 unveiled a new look at 9.15am on Thursday 11th February 2015.