ITV Play

ITV Play was a 24/7 participation television channel in the United Kingdom owned by ITV plc. The ITV Play name continued on the ITV Network until December 2007.

It was launched as a standalone channel on Freeview on 19 April 2006 and started broadcasting on the Sky platform on 24 July 2006.

On 5 March 2007, ITV announced that all premium rate phone competitions and quizzes, including the ITV Play channel, would be suspended while an audit took place. Programmes ended in the early hours of 6 March 2007. The audit was announced after a number of problems with premium rate services affecting ITV, BBC One and Channel 4, all of whom were to meet with the regulator ICSTIS.

ITV appointed Deloitte as independent auditors. ITV had erroneously overcharged viewers of The X Factor £200,000. Votes via interactive television were meant to be only 35p each, but voters were actually charged 50p. On 13 March 2007, ITV announced that the ITV Play channel would permanently cease transmission following the recent concerns over participation television. On 16 March 2007, the channel finally closed and was removed from the Sky EPG. On Freeview, the channel slot was replaced by ITV2+1.

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