ITV (previously ITV1 between 2001 and 2013) is the flagship television channel of ITV plc in the United Kingdom. Having previously been a collective name for a network of separate regional television channels, it is now the brand name of the ITV Network operating in England, Wales, southern Scotland (Dumfries & Galloway, the Scottish Borders), the Isle of Man, and the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey. From 2001 until 2013, the channel was known as ‘ITV1’, because the ‘ITV1’ brand name was introduced by Carlton and Granada in August 2001, alongside the regional identities of their eleven regional companies. ITV1 replaced these regional brands completely in October 2002, before Granada and Carlton merged to form ITV plc in 2004. The ITV brand, however, should be distinguished from the UK-wide ITV, of which ITV forms a large proportion. ITV and its predecessor channels (collectively known simply as ITV from 1955 to 2001, and always treated as a single channel for ratings purposes), have contended with BBC One for the status of the UK’s most watched television channel since the 1950s. However in line with other terrestrial channels, ITV’s audience share has fallen in the era of multi-channel television.

ITV: In The Past

Examples of network ITV presentation before the 1989 corporate rebrand.

ITV Schools

ITV Schools was the educational television service set up in 1957 by the Independent Television Authority, broadcasting learning programmes for children ages 5 to 18 across ITV-affiliated stations.

ITV: 1989-1998

ITV introduced its first official corporate logo and national on-air identity on 1st September 1989, using branding designed by English Markell Pockett and music by Lord David Dundas.

ITV: 1998-2006

On 5 October 1998, ITV introduced a new blue and yellow logo as its corporate branding.

ITV1: January-November 2006

On 16 January 2006 a brand new logo and presentation package was unleashed. It brought ITV1, ITV2 and ITV3 in line with ITV4.

ITV1: 2006-2013

ITV1 refreshed its identity once again on 13 November 2006, introducing four new idents and updating its other presentation.

ITV Idents: 2013 Rebrand

On Monday 14 January 2013, ITV unveiled its major rebrand of all its channels. ITV1 was renamed back to its previous name, ITV.

ITV1 Wales

When Granada and Carlton introduced national ITV1 branding to all stations in England and Wales on 28 October 2002, the HTV channel identity ceased to be used for presentation.

ITV Night Time

Within just over two years of ITV's first overnight experiment (at Yorkshire Television in 1986), the entire network had commenced 24 hour transmission.

Text Santa: 24 hour broadcast - 2014

Image of Phillip Schofield's 24 hour broadcast for Text Santa now online.