Carlton: 1999-2002

On 6 September 1999, Carlton owned ITV stations, introduced a new looked. While other regions were about to adopt the ‘Hearts’ generic look, Carlton refused and instead adopted a package that related back to the Hearts, but put their own distinct take on it. Lambie-Nairn was once again commissioned, and a dozen idents were produced and were used depending on the programme to go before it. This look received criticism as the Carlton brand replaced the brands used by Central and Westcountry in the Midlands and the South West.

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Factual Ident

Drama Ident

Sport Ident

Entertainment Ident

Entertainment Ident

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ITV changed its name to ITV1 on 11 August 2001 to coincide with digital channel ITV2

Factual Generic Ident

Drama Ident

Entertainment Ident

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Promo Endboards
During this period, Carlton used generic ITV branded promos. Other examples can been seen here.

Christmas and New Year

Xmas Ident

New Year ident