Meridian: Nighttime/The Edge

in January 1995, Meridian, Channel and Anglia dropped their “Nighttime” services instead opting for their own 7 day service broadcasting from Southampton. The presentation was rebranded as “The Edge” in September 1996, which used no continuity announcements or additional presentation being broadcast to Meridian, Channel and Anglia.

From January 1996 the feed was was also simulcast to HTV and Westcountry regions with both opting instead to brand the service locally. The service largely carried the same programmes provided by LNN with some regional opt-outs for programmes such as Meridian’s World of Sailing and Freescreen.

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Meridian Night time

January 1995 – September 1996

Menu: 1995

Menu: 1996

Ident 1

Ident 2

Ident 3

Ident 4

The Edge

September 1996 – Summer 1998


Break Bumper

Ident 1

Ident 2

Ident No3


In the summer of 1998 “The Edge” branding was dropped in favor of new generic idents.

Old ITV logo

The idents were updated in the winter of 1998 when the new ITV logo appeared and continued to be used until May 2000.