Our section dedicated to channels that have either had a name change or are no longer broadcasting.

Shop at Bid

Shop at Bid (formerly known as Bid) was a British television shopping channel based in the UK, that ran daily fixed price demonstrations. It was the first channel of its kind in the world. The channel first launched as The channel is owned...


Premiere (known as Prem1ere on air) was the first subscription movie channel that broadcast to Europe via satellite alongside the other European channels of that time, Sky Channel, Music Box and The Children's Channel.


ABC1 was a United Kingdom based television channel from Disney utilizing the branding of the Disney owned American network, ABC.


British Satellite Broadcasting (BSB) was a British television company which provided direct broadcast satellite television services to the United Kingdom.


Bravo was a British television channel, owned by Living TV Group, a subsidiary of British Sky Broadcasting.

Ftn / Virgin 1 / Channel One

A selection of presentation from FTN to Channel One

Price Drop

Price Drop was a British television shopping channel based in the UK, that ran daily live reversed auctions.

Granada Plus

Plus was a digital channel run by Granada Sky Broadcasting.

Speed Auction

Speed Auction was a British television shopping channel, based in the UK that runs daily live reversed auctions. The channel was owned by Bid Shopping.


Launched on 30 October 1985, Lifestyle was a British daytime television channel dedicated to women and family, and was broadcast on cable and on the transponder 5 of the Astra satellite.

Lifestyle Satellite Jukebox

Lifestyle Satellite Jukebox was a music video request channel in the UK (and across Europe) in the late 80s and early 90s which was owned by the now defunct WHSTV (WH Smiths).

UTV Ireland

UTV Ireland is a general entertainment channel in Ireland. The channel is owned and operated by UTV Media's subsidiary UTV Ireland Ltd and launched at 7.25pm on 1 January 2015.

Men and Motors

Men & Motors was a men's lifestyle television channel in the UK.


Screensport was a pan-European sports television channel. The network was launched as a stand-alone channel in Manchester on 29th March 1984 and later acquired by the WH Smith Television Group in 1987.

Setanta Sports

Setanta Sports is a international sports broadcaster based in Dublin, Ireland. Setanta Sports was formed in 1990 to facilitate the broadcasting of Irish sporting events to Irish expatriates.

Super Channel

Launched on 30 January 1987, replacing 24-hour music channel Music Box, Super Channel was co-owned by all but one of the ITV companies at the time in the United Kingdom.

The Children's Channel

The Children's Channel, also known as TCC, was a television station in the United Kingdom, Benelux (with Dutch voice over) and Scandinavia, which was owned by Flextech.


The European version of TNT was launched 17 September 1993 and time shared with Cartoon Network, broadcasting between 7pm and 6am.

The Hits

The Hits was a music video channel in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland owned by Box Television.


TMF (The Music Factory) was a music video and entertainment channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland.