Sky Sports

Sky Sports is the brand name for a group of sports-oriented television channels operated by the UK and Ireland’s main satellite pay-TV company, Sky plc. Sky Sports is the dominant subscription television sports brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It has played a major role in the increased commercialisation of British sport since 1990, sometimes playing a large role in inducing organisational changes in the sports it broadcasts, most notably when it encouraged the Premier League to break away from the Football League in 1992.

Sky Sports: 1991-1993

Sky Sports launched on April 1st 1991, following the merger with BSB.

Sky Sports: 1993-1995

A new look to Sky Sports was revealed in 1993.

Sky Sports: 1995-1997

A second corporate look for Sky was unveiled in 1995.

Sky Sports: 1997-1998

A short-lived third corporate look for Sky channels was launched in 1997.

Sky Sports: 2010-2012

As part of a company wide rebranding programme which saw the Sky logo tweaked to make it appear friendlier, a modified Sky Sports logo and presentation package was introduced on 6 January 2010.

Sky Sports: 2012-2014

Sky Sports updated its idents on 1 March 2012, introducing generic live-action style idents across its four main sports channels which feature fans spectating their favourite sports.

Sky Sports: 2014-2017

On 10 June 2014, Sky announced that they would be launching Sky Sports 5. To co-incide with the new channel, new on-screen idents were introduced across all the Sky Sports channels.

Sky Sports: 2017-

On 18 July 2017 Sky Sports unveiled it's biggest change to its branding in its 26-year history, which see its numbered channels being replaced with specific sports channels.

Sky Sports News

Sky Sports News is a 24-hour sports news channel in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Nordic countries.

At The Races

At The Races is a British television channel, originally co-founded with Channel 4, but now owned by a partnership between British Sky Broadcasting, Arena Leisure Plc and 30 (out of the 60) UK racecourses.

Sky Sports Gold

Sky Sports Gold, a channel dedicated to classic sport, in a similar vein to ESPN Classic, launched on 1 November 1995. However, the channel ceased broadcasting after only a year on the air.