Gold is the original channel of the UKTV network. It broadcasts in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It launched on 1 November 1992 as UK Gold, as a joint venture between the BBC, through commercial arm BBC Enterprises, and outgoing ITV London weekday franchisee Thames Television. Currently the channel is available on Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk TV. Between 2008 and 2010 the station was branded G.O.L.D., with the slogan “Go On Laugh Daily” applied to it.

UK Gold: 1993-1994

UK Gold's previous presentation package was refreshed in 1993, when the popular "Goldie" idents were replaced with a form-up of the logo against a blue background.

UK Gold: 1994-1997

A re-branding in 1994 saw UK Gold adopt a more fitting identity: idents were based on the forging of gold bars, with the station's logo appearing to have been stamped into gold.

UK Gold: 1997-1999

On 1 November 1997 UK Gold replaced its solid gold bar idents, as part of the launch of the 'UKTV' network

UK Gold: 1999-2002

On 2 April 1999 UK Gold was rebranded as part of the launch of UK Gold 2. The new look revolved around a firework display, with five variations created.

UK Gold: 2002 - 2003

On 2nd September 2002 UKTV introduced a brand new look for the channel, which featured many strange live action activities, like sweeping up hair at a barber shop or a hand look though a clothes rack.

UKTV Gold: 2003-2007

On 8 March 2004, the channel was rebranded as UKTV Gold in line with the other channels in the UKTV network.

UKTV Gold: 2007-2008

On 5 April 2007, UK Gold updated its presentation.

Gold: 2008-2014

On 7 October 2008 UKTV Gold became "G.O.L.D.", exclusively showing comedy, both old and new.

GOLD: 2014-

GOLD launched a new look on Wednesday, July 16th 2014.